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Kozminski University Master in Management - Digital Marketing Major
Kozminski University

Master in Management - Digital Marketing Major

Warsaw, لهستان

2 Years

زبان انگلیسی

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The Digital Marketing program is a new, innovative specialization in the field of management, conducted in English.

The studies are intended to educate a modern marketing manager who:

  • Proficiently moves through the conditions of the digital economy, understands the contemporary world and the modern client.
  • Knows how the Internet can change not only marketing but also the whole organization and knows how to effectively implement such a change.
  • Understands how modern technologies, i.e. social media, mobile, artificial intelligence, or automation, change the functioning of the company.
  • Will be able to effectively create a strategy, plan, and tasks related to internet marketing (including social media marketing).
  • Perfectly knows and is able to use tools related to on-line promotion (e.g. Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, systems for marketing automation, or e-mail marketing systems).
  • Knows how to start up and run an online store, understands the possibilities resulting from the use of online business models (e.g. crowdsourcing, sharing economy, model freemium, etc.).
  • Perfectly knows web analytics, can use tools such as Google Analytics, Brand24, Sotrender, and many others.
  • Knows the basics of computer graphics and the preparation of online video materials.
  • Can cooperate in a virtual environment (virtual teams).
  • During his/her studies, was in continuous contact with e-marketing and e-business practices.
  • Recognizes the development opportunities of any organization, resulting from the phenomenon of digital transformation, through which every company or institution passes.
  • Can function freely in an international environment since the program is conducted in English.

The program's partners:


Unique Values

  • The partners of the studies are recognized brands from the digital world, including Accenture, Sotrender, Brand24, Salesmanago, NapoleonCat which offer students among others internships, certification programs, free access to online tools, guest lectures, and meetings with practitioners.
  • The program of the major is composed of many core subjects (over 800 didactic hours), carried out in the form of interactive workshops, seminars, exercises, computer laboratories, and lectures.
  • Classes are taught by extraordinary lecturers and high-class e-marketing specialists with huge experience in e-marketing and e-business.
  • Students are in direct contact with companies from the new technology sector, taking part in classes with practitioners and implementing projects in the area of ​​e-marketing and e-business for specific companies.
  • A graduate of the major in Digital Marketing will gain a huge range of specific competencies and skills allowing for quick career-building practically in every company.
  • Students are encouraged to take advantage of a six-month stay in one of the 200 renowned universities from around the world as part of an international exchange program. Additionally, the students have the opportunity to go for a paid internship abroad.
  • Graduates receive a Master's in Management diploma. Additionally, they get a diploma's supplement stating that the graduate has finished a major in Digital Marketing.
  • Studies are conducted in a full-time mode.

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